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Explore our website to find out more about ozone technology. We have a diverse range of ozone products which no house could do without! This is why we offer our love it! guarantee. Try a noSO product, if after 30 days you feel satisfied with your purchase then we guarantee you a 100% refund. 


  • Cut down on washing powder (up to 90%)
  • Use only cold water 
  • Kill 99.9% of bacteria 
  • Remove smells, don't mask them
  • Save money! 
  • Mix colours, no running colours
  • No fabric softener needed

noSOlaundry uses powerful ozone technology which is infused into normal cold water and penetrates deep into fibres. Find out more today!

Our noSOair range changes the way we treat smells in our homes, offices & cars. Traditional methods involve simply masking bad smells, this doesn't remove them. 

  • Remove bad smells
  • Fresh feel to the air 
  • No need to use air fresheners 
  • Remove dust
  • Remove allergens 
  • Remove bacteria 
  • Use in home, office or car
  • Cheap to run
  • Extremely effective

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