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Welcome to noSO - Saving money, health and the environment

noSO | Washing Powder Free Laundry!

noSO will start to pay for itself

noSO delivers cleaner, brighter, fresher and softer washing for less. By combining our powerful technology with ordinary tap water you get better results with less or no washing powder & hot water. Save £1,000's on your laundry! 

noSO is simple, effective and powerful

Start saving money today!

It's Simple!  

Easily connect noSO to your existing washing machine usingthe simple instructions and fitting pack. You'll be on your way to washing powder free laundry in no time! (Everything you need is in the box!)

It's effective  

noSO produces the brightest, freshest and softest laundry, whilst reducing or eliminating your washing powder usage and significantly lowering your power usage. Effectively saving you £1,000. 

It's powerful  

noSO cleans 3,000 time faster and far stronger than bleach and chlorine-based cleaners. During washing your laundry is quickly deodorized, sanitized and all fungi, mold, allergens and bacteria is destroyed.  

Unlike most washing powders noSO uses no petrochemical based chemicals at all. It is not tested on animals!

What's wrong with traditional washing methods?

What's wrong with washing powder?


Some chemicals found in washing powder are irritants, potentially causing rashes and sores. Studies have shown that some chemicals used in types of washing powder have been linked to respiratory problems and a variety of health problems.   

All noSO needs is cold water and a power switch, noSO creates a powerful cleaning agent with no harm to us, our clothing, or the environment.


Do you know the actual cost of washing your clothing? The cost of washing powder, hot water, fabric softener, sterilising liquid, colour catcher sheets etc all adds up! Use only cold water for best results! We estimate it costs on average £97 annually per person!

noSO will pay for itself! For a family of 4 + if will pay for itself within 12 months! 


Washing powder doesn't always kill the bacteria in your clothing!  In fact, if you wash on lower temperatures this can actually be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria! Your washing may smell clean but do you know what lurks below?

noSO cleans clothing the right way, no chemicals to irritate skin, or dangerous chemicals to be stored in your house! 99.9% of bacteria killed!

"Creating a better, safer & cleaner environment"

Why use noSO?

 Save money   Gentle to clothing
 Kill 99.9% of bacteria    Reduces build up of scum in washing machine
 No washing powder required      Extends life of washing machine
 Use only cold water    30 day money back guarantee, 1 year warranty


Start saving money today!

noSO will save you money, How? 

  • No more hot water = 90% of your washing machine’s energy cost saved
  • No more washing powder = £100's per year in your pocket
  • Faster tumble drying = less water retention, huge energy savings, lower electricity bills
  • Fabric Protection = Longer lasting clothes. Softer and fresher results
  • No Scale and sludge build-up = Longer lasting washing machine

Saving our planet: noSO is extremely environment friendly

  • Detergent manufacturing is dirty by design and has high energy usage
  • Your domestic energy usage is reduced by 90% on wash cycles
  • Detergent free waste water is easier to recycle at treatment works
  • Detergent manufacturing has a heavy impact on the environment, constant production of packaging materials. noSO only uses 1 box over it's life time. Don't forget to recycle it! 
  • Cleaner rivers streams and waterways
  • No hazards to fish, wildlife or drinking water
  • There is no such thing as clean detergent
  • noSO is the cleanest product on the market

Start saving money today!

For only £299.99 you can take advantage of the above benefits and a whole world more!

1 year warranty3 day money back guaranteefree delivery when you buy noSO

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